The Dolphin Bay, Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

02 Jun

O.K. another adventure has been turned into Words & Pictures here in our blog today I’m gonna talk about one of my happiest moments of my life as many of you know my blog name is based on my my favorite animals in the whole world and they are Dolphins & Whales if some of you don’t know why read the first post because this post is only for this event and event only.

The Dolphin Bay is one the services that The Atlantis Group provide to their clients it hold three small bays that a living dolphin live it also an information center about them and a place you can find in it joy.

To go there you have to walk through Aquaventure or ride on the mini kart don’t worry about walking in the heat because the road is fill of mini water sprinkler to cool of your feet no that’s a good idea but before you go you have book a session first at their reception through the phone or the hotel website it and ask for deep water interaction it will cost for one person for it but trust me it worth every penny but there is a catch you have to already know how to swim there is also shallow water interaction witch is a little cheaper than the deep one and you can have an observer pass in case if one of your party member doesn’t want to swim in there you will be provided with a swim suit [wondering how people can walk on these suits in my head (^_^)], a locker and a towel with free soft drinks.

Now before we go to the fun part there is a little education and instructions about the dolphins provided by the bay staff then you will have to go by a group of five including you with a dolphin trainer of course if you came with your friends you can all go together each group will have their own professional photographers just like Aquaventure and I think the observer can brig the camera with him/her I didn’t ask.

we’ve been greet with our dolphin trainer he’s form Chicago his name was ummm Alan something I think I forgot but he’s blond and funny energized person with his amazing dolphin Soul.

Our first task is interact and skin contact with soul plus some of the mini games that he has to entertain us.

The second task is Water Wars don’t worry no actual war all you have to do is splash with the water and he will splash you back.

The third task is The Belly Ride which was the most fast and amazing ride it had unfortunately before the ride salt water came into my eyes which make me unable to see most of the time also the only good picture that the photographer get is when my head is almost down (T_T) but at least I’ve enjoyed the ride (^_^).

The fourth task is The Kissing yes I’ve been kissed by a dolphin from right cheek to the left at least he didn’t touch my lips but I’ve been told he kinda almost kissed one of the girls on lips everybody thinking let’s hope he is not a player (^_^).

The fifth task is The Hug that’s right the most worm and beautiful feeling for human beings is a hug which now you can do it with a dolphin I kinda heard his beautiful rhythm heart like a relaxing music in my ears and it ended by a flat kiss.

The sixth task was The Dance that’s right you can dance with the dolphin physically not metaphorically my and Soul dancing around and around.

The final task is The Spin all you have to do is spread one of your hands and he will come to spin you round like a child.

In the end we got out of the deep water and went to the shallow to say our goodbyes to our beloved Soul and hoping that we will see him again someday I’m telling you everybody The Dolphin Bay Experience is one of a life time experience it cannot been let passed by because you will remember this day for rest of your life and maybe you you will be back there someday I know I will.

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